Thursday, June 28, 2007

NBA Draft Tonight: Strawberry Likely to be Picked

The Draft Express site feels pretty confident that D.J. Strawberry (2003-07) has a good chance to be a second round pick. They have predicted him as the #23 pick in round two, going to the Portland Trailblazers, in their mock draft.
While his individual training was important, Strawberry caught a huge break when he was a last minute addition to the Orlando pre-draft camp roster a couple of weeks ago.

“After I didn’t get an invitation, I just expected not to go,” he said. “I wasn’t really waiting for a call or anything, I made other plans. I continued to work out to get ready for the team workouts. Once I did get a call, though, I was ready to go. I was very excited about getting to attend a camp like that. It just happened to work out my way that I was able to go.”

Strawberry made a good impression after playing well in his teams’ games, playing tough perimeter defense, a trademark of his game. Where he really raised eyebrows though was in the physical skills assessment, where he tested out as the top overall athlete at the camp. When asked about how he thought being the top athlete at Orlando would help his stock though, Strawberry wasn’t exactly sure.

In a Washington Post Live Discussion today, the site's owner/draft expert, Jonathan Givony, said:
I spoke with one of DJ's guys this morning, and he sounded VERY optomistic. Apparently he has a draft party organized and everything. They feel like he's got a great chance to get drafted. Teams that like him include Phoenix, Portland and the Lakers amongst others. He's done well in workouts and a few people I talked to see him being a great guy to have in an NBA lockerroom and practices his first year or two. Being ranked the #1 athlete in the draft has ALWAYS helped historically-- ask David Noel, Troy Bell, Kirk Snyder, Joey Graham, etc...

Here is Draft Express's Maryland NBA prospects page, with links to recent articles mentioning Maryland players.

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