Monday, June 18, 2007

D.J. Strawberry Prepares for the NBA Draft

D.J. Strawberry (2003-07) is getting noticed for his tough perimeter defense at the NBA's Pre-Draft Camp:
You won’t see it in a box score, but Maryland’s D.J. Strawberry has quietly turned some heads with his defense. Strawberry had a reputation as being the top perimeter defender in the ACC, and it’s easy to see why. He almost always stays between his man and the basket and has great recovery speed. If he can develop his offensive game, Strawberry could have a chance.

The New York Post thinks Strawberry will be a late second round pick in the NBA draft:
Gangly D.J. Strawberry strutted his stuff the past three days at the Milk House Gym at Walt Disney World in the NBA's pre-draft camp, and the Maryland defensive small forward improved his stock.

The son of Darryl Strawberry, an erratic shooter, finished yesterday's camp with a flourish, scoring 12 points on 5-of-7 shooting, after going 5 of 14 in the first two games. Strawberry, who has been working out at The Aviator in Brooklyn with Marist's Jared Jordan, likely will be a late second-round pick.

"I think I showed I can play defense on the perimeter without putting my hands on guys," Strawberry said.

The Denver Nuggets, who do not have any picks in this year's draft, have invited D.J. to work out for them. If he goes undrafted, the Nuggets could invite him to play on their summer league team or to come to training camp as a free agent this fall.

The Arizona Republic says Strawberry worked out for the Suns last week, but they speculate that he may be gone from the draft board by the time the Suns' second round pick comes around.

Strawberry has also worked out with the Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, and Miami Heat.

Update 6/20: Strawberry will work out for the Washington Wizards on Friday. The Washington Post also projects D.J. as a late second round pick.

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