Friday, May 26, 2006

Chris McCray Try-Out With the Wizards

Chris McCray (2002-06) was invited to a pre-draft workout by the Washington Wizards. He's not expected to be drafted, but is working out in hopes of being invited to training camp next summer.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Drew Nicholas Wins Euroleague Scoring Trophy

Drew Nicholas (1999-03) won an award for being the top scorer in the Euroleague this year. From the article:

The second annual Alphonso Ford Top Scorer Trophy, named after the late Euroleague scoring champ who still holds the competition's record for highest average points per game, has been won by Drew Nicholas of Benetton Treviso. The Alphonso Ford Top Scorer Trophy is the only end-of-season Euroleague award based purely on statistics. In his first Euroleague season, with a great combination of three-point shots and running jumpers, Nicholas amassed a scoring average of 18.4 points per game, the highest of any Euroleague player who played 12 games or more, the minimum standard for this award. Nicholas led all Regular Season scorers with 18.64 points per game. In the Top 16, his average of 18 points ranked third. Benetton was eliminated before the Quarterfinal Playoffs.

The article goes on to list Drew's highlights and stats from the past season in Europe's top basketball league.